parker Tracking system

Track and manage assets with ease!

Parker Tracking System

TAG AND TRACK, a critical solution

Parker Tracking System (PTS) is a proprietary solution that facilitates the tagging and tracking of hoses and parts for our ENZED clients who demand reliability.

The simple way to record, manage and retrieve critical asset information, PTS allows real-time access to data and enables reliability-centred maintenance – before critical failure.

This innovative system provides fast and accurate product information to allow the ordering of tagged products sight unseen, which reduces transaction time and improving productivity.

Increasing the speed, timing, and accuracy of your next service event.

Maintenance, Repair and Operations (MRO) can be greatly enhanced by customizing PTS and integrating it into existing systems.

Global Power, Local ReachPTS works seamlessly around the world

Clear durable labels make tagging and identifying assets simple.

Happy Customers

“The guys at Enzed North Geelong are super helpful. Can’t recommend them enough for all your hose and fitting supplies. I had a difficult item that no one else in geelong could track down but these guys had it in stock.”
Shamus O’Reilly, 2021

Walked in off the street, was only small job needing domestic gas connection hose made up. Job done on the spot, brilliant and friendly service. Highly recommend.

Peter Havekotte, 2020