I’d like to introduce myself: I’m Tony Dodd and 18 months ago I took the reins at Enzed Geelong. I wanted to take the time to ensure I knew the business before communicating with Enzed clients about myself, and where I want to take the business.

I’m proudly from Geelong and worked as a diesel mechanic at ISR Truck City in the early 1980s.

While working as a mechanic I was also learning to fly. This eventually led me to qualifying as a commercial pilot and working in the Northern Territory as a mechanic and charter pilot – which in turn led to me joining the RAAF in 1986.

After completing the pilot course, I served in three different squadrons flying HS-748, C130E, and B707 aircraft in roles that varied from VIP transport to air-to-air refuelling. I also saw active service during the Gulf War.

In the middle of all this I did a brief stint flying a private jet for Kerry Packer’s Consolidated Press. Before you ask – no, I didn’t have to donate a kidney.

Post-RAAF I flew Boeing 777s for Emirates and Virgin Australia for 22 years. When COVID hit and the flying stopped, I decided to choose a different path and purchased Enzed Geelong.

Why Enzed?

Flying gives you a clear understanding of the importance of reliable components – you can’t just stop on the side of the road if something doesn’t work.

I knew Enzed as a great brand – backed by Parker Hannifin, the company who supply hydraulic components for some of the world’s most demanding environments including NASA spaceflight, mining, energy generation, aerospace, and medical components to name just a few.

I value quality products and having seen Parker Hannifin components on the aircraft I flew I knew, they were the premium brand and would be a good fit for my approach to business.

What’s next for Enzed Geelong?

We’re investing heavily behind the scenes for greater efficiency in the business. Over time you’ll see the benefits through better inventory control and parts management, which will translate to quicker turnaround times for jobs as we will have more stock available in-house.

My goal is to raise the bar in hydraulic maintenance in Geelong. With my mechanical and aviation background, I’ll build Enzed Geelong into a business that delivers excellent customer service providing the highest quality products.

On the service side, I’ve been very fortunate to have both Jack and Rob help me through the transition. My son Josh has now joined the business and has developed into a capable hose doctor. This is in line with my family ethos: the majority of the businesses we service are family businesses and now, so is Enzed Geelong.

We thank you for your continued support since we’ve taken over the business, and we’re really looking forward to a great future. Please don’t hesitate to call me if you feel the need – I appreciate your feedback and will use it to continually improve the business.

– Tony


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