QuickFit™ Oil Change System

Faster, Cleaner and Safer Oil Changes.

Cleaner and Safer Oil Changes in Under 30 Minutes

In 3 easy steps.

Parker Hannifin’s QuickFit Oil Change System revolutionizes the process with a faster, cleaner and safer way to change engine oil. In three easy steps, purge, extract and refill your system with new oil without ever spilling a drop. QuickFit helps you simplify your routine maintenance, increase productivity and virtually eliminate the risk of spills and contamination.

FASTER. 15 Minutes or Less to change oil with the QuickFit System.
The QuickFit system’s 3-step process is a more standardized solution. Utilizing one connection per compartment results in less variability during routine maintenance. Benefits include:

  • Lower operating costs
  • Oil change time reduced by approximately 50%
  • Increased profitability
  • Less training

CLEANER. 100% Elimination of oil spills, leaks and drips.
The QuickFit valve connects directly from the vehicle to
the final containment for complete control. That means no leaks, no spills, and no clumsy oil pans. When used properly, QuickFit:

  • Reduction of oil spills, leaks, and drips
  • Creates less consumable waste
  • Is more environmentally friendly

SAFER. 75% Improvement in safety conditions for oil changes.
The ergonomic, QuickFit system allows for easier access, which simplifies the oil-change process. This helps keep workers clean, safe, and more productive.

  • Significantly improving safety conditions
  • Reducing the possibility of slips, falls, and burns
  • Reducing operator exposure to fluids

The QuickFit Oil Change System has everything you need:

  • Parker QuickFit Valve
  • Parker Push-Lok Hose
  • Parker Adapters/Fittings
  • Parker QuickFit Bracket
  • Equipment specific Installation Guide, complete with images and detailed instructions

Watch the video to see how the QuickFit Oil Change System is a cleaner, faster and safer alternative to a traditional oil change.


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